Seasonal & Secondary Home Insurance

You finally have that place on the lake, in the country, or in the mountains. It is your little piece of paradise, your home away from home. But what happens when you're not on vacation? Is your property secure? Is it protected? What if there was a fire, a wind storm or an act of vandalism?

What is Seasonal & Secondary Home Insurance?

This type of policy provides similar comprehensive coverage that your home insurance policy would cover. This type of coverage can be combined with your existing principal residence policy or on a stand-alone basis with select insurance companies.

Who Needs Seasonal & Secondary Home Insurance?

Do you have the proper insurance? It depends on the home. If it is a secondary home, then you should purchase a Secondary Home Insurance policy. What is considered a secondary home? Usually, the property must be year round accessible, heated, and used on a regular basis. If it qualifies, then allow us to provide you with a quotation.

Seasonal & Secondary Home Insurance Coverage

If it is a seasonal home or true rustic cottage or cabin then the coverage options available are not as broad as those available for a secondary home. Coverage options are usually restricted to Named Perils Coverage. Burglary and Malicious Damage coverage may be purchased at an additional cost.

Other considerations when deciding on appropriate coverage include but are not limited to:

  • dock
  • boat houses
  • outbuildings
  • personal property kept at the cottage

Liability is restricted to the location and is not personal liability.

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